Today’s data (iYoni App feature)

You have probably noticed that careful observation of your body is extremely important. Your lifestyle – how many hours you sleep, whether you exercise, whether you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes – also affects your health. It doesn’t matter if you are trying for a baby, if you are already a mother, or if you have not thought about it yet. The sooner you start paying attention to your body, the more likely you are to notice certain regularities or… Abnormalities.

In the iYoni app you can store a lot of different information about your health, fertility and lifestyle in one place. It’s very simple, intuitive and literally takes only a moment. Usually you click on the appropriate icon and move on.

What data can you save? We have divided it into four sections:

  • Fertility under the microscope
  • Connected with conceiving efforts
  • Lifestyle
  • Notes

You can fill in all the data or just a part of it.

Fertility under the microscope

Sex and libido

Here you can select one or more options, such as protected sex, unprotected sex, fondling, or masturbation. You can also tick increased libido or lack of sex. What for? For example, to relate increased libido to other aspects of your health or to have the information you need at hand when you visit your doctor. Or maybe to see in black and white how often you have sex? Did you know that many people overestimate or underestimate their “performance” in this area simply because they do not remember it?

Cervical mucus

If you have not paid attention to this before, it’s time to start! Everything that comes out of your body says something about your health – so it is with sweat, urine, feces, so it is with cervical mucus. Once you figure out what’s behind its color or consistency, you’ll feel like you have the knowledge of the gods about you and your tribe! That’s a nice feeling 🙂 And instead of being disgusted or impatient (sure, everyone would love to have clean panties!), you’ll be grateful to your body for giving you such clear information. How do you examine mucus and how can you interpret its appearance? Be sure to check out our article on this topic. (Here’s a link to a guide on how to test and what the different colors and textures mean).


Moment… Vagina, uterus, ovaries, you know… are you nervously remembering your biology lesson on female anatomy right now? Are you trying to remember exactly where the cervix is? Or do you realize you have never touched your cervix? Ba… didn’t you even know that you can examine it yourself every day? Well, not only you can, it’s worth doing it.

In today’s data, you can enter information about its location, hardness and dilation. If you are not trying to get pregnant now and it is less important for you, then you should know that such a test requires a little practice, so there is nothing wrong with starting earlier. If you need more information on this topic and a guide to cervical testing, check out our articles on this topic. (Here is a link to a guide explaining how to do the test and what the changes mean in terms of hardness, position and opening)

Ovulation Test

Ovulation tests for home use measure the level of the hormone LH (triggering rupture of the ovarian follicle) in urine. They are usually disposable tests in the form of strips that visually indicate the hormone level LH. You can buy such a test for a few euros in a pharmacy or drugstore. Their quality varies, of course, but it is estimated that they detect ovulation in about 95% of cases. You can note the result of such a test in the application.

Gynecological ultrasound examination

Gynecological ultrasound examination (also called vaginal or transvaginal ultrasound) is the most reliable method of confirming ovulation and is performed in a gynecological office. Of course, you can tick the result in the application.

Associated with efforts to conceive


Here you can choose between different symptoms: from abdominal pain to cramps to nausea or breast tenderness. Of course, if nothing happens, you can choose the “Everything is fine” option, and if something bothers you that we didn’t include in the application and you want to remember, you can write it in the notes at the end.


The iYoni app gives you many choices: full of energy, happy, calm, anxious, etc. Wait a minute, can’t you be happy and irritable at the same time, or full of energy but stressed? Don’t worry, which one of us doesn’t 🙂 It’s a multiple choice test, so even if your emotions are sometimes a roller coaster ride without seat belts, you’ll surely pass it 😉 And if there’s something related to your mood that we haven’t included, feel free to add it in the comments at the end!


In the Lifestyle section, it’s really important to record the lifestyle you lead, not the one you’d like to lead… Remember that this application is for you and your health.

Physical activity

Here you can specify the duration of your physical activity (in minutes) and its intensity. You can’t specify what kind of activity it’s, but that won’t stop you from noting your yoga exercises, your run or your game won in the notes!


Here you can choose one of three options: healthy (e.g., mostly vegetables), moderate, and poor (e.g., mostly sugar and fat). You don’t have the option to write down what you ate, but you can note it in your notes at the end if you feel like it or if you suspect, for example, that something is causing you an allergic reaction or discomfort and you want to check it later.


From childhood we learn to eat well and exercise a lot to be healthy. Sleep is still a rather mysterious process, and many scientists have wondered about its meaning and function. However, we already know that it plays an important role in maintaining our health and affects almost every aspect of our lives. Sleep seems “boring”, but we assure you that it’s absolutely fascinating! So sleep well, write down how much you sleep, and then be sure to read the book “Why Do We Sleep?” by Matthew Walker – a scientist who has devoted almost his entire career to sleep.

Alcohol and cigarettes

For alcohol, note the type and amount; for cigarettes, note only the amount. Hey! But no cheating though! We can 100% guarantee that writing down a few less cigarettes or drinks won’t make you healthier if it’s not true, seriously.


Here you can write down what you like and what you think is important for your health. (Psst! You can also write down completely unimportant things here, the application won’t even notice!).

Have you noticed something disturbing and don’t want to forget when it happened to you? Save in notes!

Do you change something in your lifestyle and then want to check how it affects other parameters? Save to notes!

Do you have resolutions for the new year? Save it too!

You can write down what the weather was like that day or what was cool or terrible that day. Aw! Two lines above you wrote down the number of drinks you drank – feel free to write down which ones 😉 What is all this good for? For example, to be able to answer the dermatologist’s question, “When did you notice this change in your skin?” or “When did you notice this stinging in your ovary?”.

I don’t have time to fill in the data! I’ll not remember it!

You’ll probably be happy to hear that it takes you no more than a minute or two a day to fill in all the data (and if you leave out the data on mucus and cervix, even 30 seconds will do). Do you really not have a tiny little minute to yourself?

Or are you afraid you won’t remember? Think of an activity that you do every day, preferably at a fixed time, and with which you can “link” the recording of observations. For example, do you sometimes play with your phone while brushing your teeth? Yes? Then make better use of your time 🙂

Create your own little ritual that will help you take better care of yourself.

Why do I need all this data?

Thanks to the regularly supplemented data, you can create reports about individual aspects of your health. This is a very handy feature available in the free version of iYoni. You can read more about it here. In addition, gynecological ultrasound and ovulation tests can improve the accuracy of cycle phase prediction, as they’re included in the cycle length prediction algorithm.

If you want to go even further, the iYoni PRO version offers the ability to generate a report for your doctor*, which both saves “interview” time and allows your doctor to make your diagnosis based on reliable data rather than guesswork. Read more about the physician report feature here.

*function available in 2023