Report for a doctor (iYoni App feature)

What is a Report for a doctor?

The Doctor Report is a new, comprehensive feature available in iYoni PRO. It summarizes your health data in an accessible and convenient way so that you can use it during a routine doctor visit or treatment.

It is an invaluable source of information for your treating physician. The report is generated automatically, you share it with the doctor only when you want to. Since you receive it via email in PDF format, you can print it out, view the results on your cell phone (by opening the file), or email it directly to your doctor.

Where does the data for a Report for a doctor come from?

The quality of the report depends 100% on the quality of the data you enter. The report does not generate or interpret the data by itself, so everything depends on your initiative. All statistics are obtained from the information you enter daily about temperature, sleep, diet, physical activity, fertility parameters (mucus, cervix), mood or stimulants. Therefore, it is very important that you constantly provide the app with this information, then it will do its job perfectly.

Why do you need a Report for a doctor?

  • You have your important data in one place and you do not have to worry about preparing notes before going to the doctor, because you always have the report with you.
  • You are prepared for questions another specialist, such as a psychologist or therapist, might ask you.
  • The app helps you assess your health or lifestyle easily and quickly – you know right away if you are sleeping too little or drinking too much alcohol.
  • Based on the data entered into the app, you will also receive personalized medical recommendations about your health and lifestyle. These are developed by iYoni’s team of experts.

Why does your doctor need this report?

  • He does not have to ask you for basic information (you can still make better use of visit time to discuss important matters).
  • He has easy access to many relevant statistics.
  • He can make a diagnosis based on data, not understatements.
  • He can uncover irregularities that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • The report includes additional important information that doctors often do not ask for and focuses on the most common symptoms.


Can I try the report for free?

Yes, you can use iYoni PRO for free for one month. During this time you can get to know the benefits of this and many other features.

Do I have to fill in all the data?

No, only the information you enter into the app will be used for the report. So, for example, if you never enter mucus data, it will simply not be included in the report. On the other hand, if you sometimes enter data about sexual relations and sometimes you do not, only some of the events will be included in the statistics and the report will be less comprehensive.

Is my data safe?

Yes, at iYoni we use a multi-level security system and certified, proven solutions. We have implemented the data protection standards required by Polish law and European regulations. We store only the necessary data in a way that ensures your identity. We work outside the company system and no unauthorized persons and third parties have access to the information you enter into the application.

What happens if one day I do not enter my data?

No problem, you can still re-enter the data (click on the appropriate day at the top of the screen, in the calendar), just remember that memory is unreliable, it is worth doing this regularly.

Can I share only part of my report with my doctor?

Unfortunately no, the doctor will not receive the data only if you do not enter it. Another solution is to manually remove the data you do not want to share for some reason from the printed report.

Can someone else use this information?

Their use is up to you. The report can be a valuable summary for your own use. Perhaps it will be helpful in a doctor’s visit, perhaps in a discussion with a psychologist, therapist, or perhaps in communication with a partner?