Points (iYoni App feature)

What are points in iYoni and what are they for?

Points in the iYoni app are something like our “internal currency”. You can exchange them for advice (available in the iYoni section MED), i.e. opinions and recommendations from reproductive health professionals on fertility issues, fertility disorders and infertility treatments. The advice is not a substitute for consulting a doctor, but it is a valuable source of practical knowledge about what to look for when trying to get pregnant. They are based on reliable medical research, thanks to which you can find answers to your questions in a safe space.

How can you earn points?

You can earn points in two ways, one does not exclude the other.

  1. you can get them as part of the subscription by choosing iYoni PRO (i.e. the extended paid version of the application)
  2. you can buy them separately in different package variants

Points in iYoni PRO

In the first case, all you have to do is click on the little man in the lower right corner of the application screen and then on the “Upgrade to iYoni PRO” button. The next screens will guide you through the process of activating version PRO, you can choose the subscription that suits you and pay for the order.

Depending on which subscription you choose, your account will be automatically credited with a different number of points:

  • Monthly subscription: 100 points
  • Semi-annual subscription: 600 points
  • Annual subscription: 1200 points

Points purchased separately

Whether you already have some iYoni PRO points or no points at all, you can purchase a package of 100, 300, or 600 points.

This is how you redeem the point packages:

  • Click on the first-aid kit icon (the second from the right) at the bottom of the application screen
  • Click on the message “Current status – you have x points”
  • Click on “Redeem points” (this screen is displayed only if you do not have iYoni PRO, and if you do, you will be automatically redirected to the next point)
  • Select the desired package and click on “Buy a pack of points for x EUR”

I have points, what now?

Do you already have points on your account? Great! Now you can turn your attention to one of the three sections:

  • Infertility problems – what the doctor thinks
  • How to plan infertility treatment?
  • Evaluate test results and treatment

and find a topic that interests you.

Q&A – questions and answers

Do I only have access to the recommendations and reviews once after purchasing?

Not at all! You can access them whenever you want. You can use the chats many times and view the recommendations you receive. Only if you want to check what the new test results mean or if you want new personalized tips due to a changed situation, you will be asked to use a different pool of points.

Can I change my answers and receive new personalized tips?

No problem. However, you will be prompted to use a different point pool. To do so, simply go back to the assessment and click “Fill in again” in the top right corner. The app will ask you to confirm that you recognize the tip.