Reports (iYoni App feature)

What is the report feature?

Reports is a feature of the iYoni app that consists of collecting and comprehensively displaying data that you enter into the app in one place.

Where does the data for the report come from?

All statistics are obtained from the information you enter daily about temperature, sleep, diet, physical activity, fertility parameters (mucus, cervix), mood or stimulants. Therefore, it is very important that you constantly provide the app with this information, then it will do its job perfectly.

What do such reports look like?

Depending on what type of data it is, it will be presented in the form of different types of graphs (for example, as bars as in the figure above). The report always contains the period to which it refers and often other numerical data, percentages or information on fertile days and menstruation.

Why do I need these reports?

Their use depends only on you and your needs. Example:

  • If you are concerned about getting the right dose of sleep or eating well and want to check how you are doing, you can do that in the reports with one click.
  • If you are waiting for a doctor’s visit and are asked how often any symptoms occur – you have the answer right at your fingertips!
  • Working out and want to see the summary? Nothing easier than that!
  • Such reports can also wiggle your finger: If you can honestly record how many drinks you drank and how many cigarettes you smoked, the report will surely remind you (if you just ask for it).
  • Sometimes you read various statistics, such as how often the poles have sex, and want to relate them to your activity? You are just one click away from it.
  • Or maybe you just love structured data and summaries?

How can you create such a report?

  • Open the application and make sure you are logged in.
  • Click on the blue chart icon at the bottom of the screen (the second from the left).
  • Select what you want the report to be about, such as “Sex and Libido” or “Sleep”, and you are done! Oops… Your report is blank? Start entering data today (“Today’s data”) to be included in the report you create in the future.
  • If you have the PRO version of the app, a doctor’s recommendation based on the report will appear below (you do not have the PRO version yet – be sure to try it for free!)


Can I try the report for free?

Yes, of course! It is available in the free version of iYoni. We truly recommend it!

Do I have to fill in all the data?

No, only the information you enter into the app will be used for the report. So, for example, if you never enter mucus data, it will simply not be included in the report. On the other hand, if you sometimes enter data about sexual relations and sometimes you do not, only some of the events will be included in the statistics and the report will be less comprehensive.

Is my data safe?

Yes, at iYoni we use a multi-level security system and certified, proven solutions. We have implemented the data protection standards required by Polish law and European regulations. We store only the necessary data in a way that ensures your identity. We work outside the company system and no unauthorized persons and third parties have access to the information you enter into the application.

What happens if one day I do not enter my data?

No problem, you can still re-enter the data (click on the appropriate day at the top of the screen, in the calendar), just remember that memory is unreliable, it is worth doing this regularly.

What time span do the reports cover?

Reports include all cycles noted in the application, while a single report displays one cycle. To view reports for different cycles, click on the right or left arrow of the date at the top.

Can I share one or more reports with my partner?

No, iYoni for Couples allows you to share a lot of information, but the reports are only for you. However, tell your partner that by entering his data he can also create reports for himself!