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Prescription in iYoni (iYoni features)

What is a Prescription in iYoni?

Due to the medical nature of the application, we aim to provide access to professional medical care for every woman. Prescription in iYoni is a new feature of the iYoni app, unavailable in other similar apps for women. It is accessible to all users of the PRO version of the iYoni app. This feature allows you to quickly and safely obtain prescriptions for necessary medications. It saves you time that you would spend on a physical visit, which is especially important where easy access to a suitable specialist is limited. It also saves you money because the Prescription feature in iYoni is not an additional paid service for iYoni PRO users. You also do not pay for the medical consultation itself. Finally, the Prescription in iYoni is an excellent solution for individuals who reside outside the borders of Poland.

Who can use Prescription in iYoni?

To use the Prescription feature in iYoni, all you need is the iYoni PRO app and your own PESEL number. Having an IKP (Internetowe Konto Pacjenta) is useful, but not essential.

How does it work? It’s really simple!

  1. Log in to the iYoni app (remember, you need the PRO version).
  2. In the app, click “Order a prescription” and fill out the medical form for a prescription visit. You’ll answer questions about your health, specify the medications you need a prescription for, and indicate whether it’s a continuation of your current medication or if you need the doctor to prescribe new ones.
  3. Next, you’ll receive an email with a PDF report of your interview and an individual link to register for the prescription visit.
  4. Click the link and fill out the form with your personal information (including PESEL) and attach the received report.
  5. Our specialist doctor will review your report.
  6. If there are no contraindications, you’ll receive the prescription via email within 24 hours, and it will also be visible in your IKP (if you have one).
  7. When you need another prescription in a month, you can start the chat again, and your previously entered data will be autofilled – you can edit them if necessary.

What medications can I get a prescription for in iYoni?

We are a specialized medical app that collaborates with top-notch specialists in the field of gynecological endocrinology and reproductive health. To provide services at the highest level, we focus on what we do best. Therefore, in the iYoni app, you will only receive prescriptions related to hormonal medications, such as contraceptives or those used to treat PCOS and other conditions.

Can I be sure I’ll receive a prescription?

We are not a prescription dispensing store, so no, there is no guarantee that you’ll receive a prescription. We approach our mission responsibly, and our goal is your health, not the number of prescriptions issued. Therefore, if the doctor determines that you have contraindications for receiving a prescription, and a medical visit is necessary, you will be informed via email along with the sent report about your health. However, you can be certain that the only reason for a potential refusal to issue a prescription will be a medical contraindication, not ideological reasons. We are professionals.

How much does a prescription in iYoni cost?

The Prescription feature in iYoni is free for all iYoni PRO users. You can receive one prescription per month. What does that mean? It’s simple – you pay only once and get access to:

  • all iYoni PRO app features,
  • issuing prescriptions and scheduling visits,
  • knowledge base,
  • educational chat,
  • iYoni for couples. If you purchase an annual subscription (189.99 PLN per year), the monthly access to all the above features will cost you less than 16 PLN! At the same time, you save time and money on additional medical visits.

Is it all safe?

Safety is our top priority. Notice that the app itself doesn’t verify your identity, doesn’t know your PESEL, or precise personal data. You will input this information only after being redirected outside the app to the prescription program to schedule your visit, and it will never reach iYoni. We believe that medical data should be processed only by medical entities!