From a male point of view: iYoni App for women who care about their health and relationship with you.

Do you take care of yourself? Great, now take care of her too! Support your relationship with the help of the iYoni app.

How much sleep, exercise, sex, what kind of food? Is it worth monitoring? 

Taking care of your health, physical fitness, including sexual fitness, is one of many elements of caring for a long- or short-term relationship. The length and quality of your sleep, whether you exercise, and whether you use substances such as tobacco or alcohol, all have a huge impact. You probably know that the latter, while allowing for relaxation and creating a pleasant mood, unfortunately have a very negative effect on a man’s sexual performance. It may come as a surprise to you, but how often you have sex is also important.

The iYoni app helps monitor your lifestyle. It has a female and male version, which can be connected, sharing some information with each other. Paying attention to things like sleep, diet, or physical activity together can motivate you both to take care of yourself even more! In addition, the app allows you to create reports on your lifestyle and get personalized recommendations prepared by doctors. It is a medical app, and all information is based on scientific research.

How am I supposed to know what she is in the mood for right now? 

Communication is the key! Mutual care, trust and good communication play an important role in a relationship. Unfortunately, it is often very difficult. We have not been taught how to talk about intimate matters in a way that is attractive and acceptable to both parties. Medical terms are often mixed with vulgar ones, and before you know it, your partner may feel offended or humiliated. Although the myth of the prince on the white horse is now outdated, women usually like closeness, romance, and tenderness in a relationship. How to combine it with something as passionate, physical, and wild as sex?

The iYoni for Couples feature can help you with this. Partner apps connected to each other can share certain information, both basic physical information and intimate information related to emotions. For example, if your partner wants to, she can share information about her mood or when she is on her period. Knowing this, you will avoid disappointment when it turns out that you cannot go to the sauna together or that it is not the best time for a passionate night. You will know when to expect premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and better understand her reaction to different situations and stimuli.

The iYoni app has an intimate chat feature where you can plan and talk about your intimate matters together. It’s a place reserved just for you and your relationship. The additional function of the intimacy barometer allows you to gently convey information about what you desire. When your partner moves the slider on the barometer to “fire,” you will know about it 😉

Are you planning to have a baby? Plan it together!

If you are in a committed relationship and planning to have a child, it is important that both parties are involved from the beginning. It is a long and important process. The iYoni app can help you with your preparations, suggesting what tests you should do before you start trying. It l also performs a preliminary analysis of your test results, whether it is hormonal tests or sperm analysis. From the knowledge base and edu-chats, you will learn how to test the quality of sperm on your own at home and how to take care of your fertility. Based on advanced AI algorithms, iYoni can predict ovulation and fertile days with high accuracy, which can help shorten the time it takes to get pregnant. iYoni can be your daily companion, supporting you in your efforts to have a desired child.