Nuts for male fertility

Proper diet has a significant impact on fertility – in both women and men. It turns out that even small changes in the daily diet can help to increase the chances of pregnancy. A recent study by Spanish researchers shows that regular consumption of nuts by men can improve their semen quality.

A significant decline in male fertility is increasingly observed in Western societies. Researchers see the reasons for this phenomenon in unhealthy lifestyles, environmental pollution, smoking and a ‘Western’ diet. A scientific team from Reus and Barcelona, Spain, has decided to verify whether regular consumption of nuts can have a positive effect on male fertility, including semen parameters such as the number, motility and DNA quality of sperm.

Over a period of several months, a randomized study was conducted on a group of nearly 120 men aged 18-35 years. The participants, after an initial blood and semen test, were divided into 2 groups. One of them consumed 60g of a nutty mixture of almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts every day, the other (control) did not make any changes in the diet. At the same time, lifestyle and dietary aspects were regularly interviewed and recorded throughout the study period.

After 14 weeks, the researchers retested the blood and semen of the study participants. The results were surprising. The men who consumed nuts daily showed a 16% increase in sperm count. In addition, their viability increased by 4% and motility by 6%. More (by 1%) sperm also had a normal structure. What is important, a significant improvement in the quality of the sperm’s genetic material was observed (a decrease in the level of the so-called DNA fragmentation).

The results of the study confirm earlier reports on the positive influence of nut consumption on male fertility. Nuts are rich in omega3 fatty acids, antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, selenium and folic acid, which can improve sperm parameters. Encourage your partner to watch his diet and… reach for a portion of nuts every day ????