Slow Down (an app for men) – our new partner

Meet our partner – the Slow Down App

iYoni is an application designed for women, but also available in a version for men. Slow Down application, our new partner, was developed for men, but also with the fair sex in mind.

We are united by a medical foundation – just like iYoni, Slow Down is based on reliable and up-to-date medical knowledge and collaborates with experts in the field of sexology and psychology. We are also united by purpose – concern for health, mindfulness, encouragement to use what our body offers us before reaching for outside help.

Who is the Slow Down app for?

The Slow Down app helps men who struggle with the problem of premature ejaculation, but also supports all those who want to “slow down, last longer” according to the app’s motto, i.e. slow down to get more satisfaction during sex.

Every third man climaxes earlier than he would like, the app helps him control ejaculation and come when he wants to come. Importantly, the app does not require any medical knowledge, the communication is very accessible and clear.

What else does Slow Down app offer?

Thanks to Slow Down, men can exercise their pelvic floor muscles, learn breathing techniques and experience different sensations during sexual intercourse or masturbation. The program also includes different types of exercises to relax or reduce anxiety.

Besides, you can find articles about sex and health both in the application and on the website.

How does the Slow Down app work?

The entire program has six levels, after completing the first five the participant receives the following badges: scout, novice, amateur, ninja and master. In each of these levels there are exercises to complete, the goal of which is to gain control over ejaculation and enjoy sex masterfully; the climax is the sixth level, which ensures the maintenance of form. Each subsequent stage can be achieved only if the previous one is completed – no cheating!

It is important to note that the application does not promote medications or dietary supplements. The stated effects are achieved only with the recommended exercises.

More at:
Download application for Android.
Download application for iPhone.

We have a great deal from Slow Down for you!

Use code ‘IYONI6‘ when purchasing a 6 months subscription, to double the free period (from 7 to 14 days).

How to activate the promo code?


Activate by clicking on REDEEM IYONI6 NOW
FYI: here is the activation link for iOS


1. Open the Slow Down App and select the 6 months Plan
2. Click on Subscribe
3. Next to the payment method, select the right pointing arrow “>” and then “Redeem”.
4. Use the Promo Code “IYONI6