Resveratrol and egg cell quality

Resveratrol is a substance found in plant-based foods, including grape skin, cocoa and peanuts. Research shows that it has beneficial effects on human health due to its antioxidant properties. Researchers from Portugal decided to test how different doses of resveratrol affect ovarian function and egg cell quality. In their opinion, low concentrations of this substance may have a beneficial effect on female fertility.

The research team focused on the effects of resveratrol on granulosa cells (GCs). They are the main producers of estradiol and are in direct contact with the ovarian follicle, playing a fundamental role in its growth and development. The study involved 34 women, treated by IVF, aged approximately 30-35 years. Only patients whose cause of infertility was not ovarian (e.g., male factor, fallopian tube obstruction) were included. Women with endometriosis, ovarian tumors and endocrine disorders were excluded. The cells collected from them were treated with resveratrol (0.001-20 μM) at different times (24-72 h).

The study showed that low concentrations of this compound had a protective role for the ovaries by reducing oxidative stress. They stimulated adequate estrogen production and also had a positive effect on oocyte maturation. This phenomenon occurs, among others, as a result of aging and negative environmental influences. High concentrations of resveratrol no longer had such a beneficial effect and partially reduced the viability of the granulosa cells.

Resveratrol is often used in dietary supplements as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. Portuguese research has shown that it may also have applications for people experiencing fertility disorders or simply wanting to take care of their fertility. Low doses of resveratrol can increase the quality of ovarian follicles and reduce oxidative stress in the ovarian microenvironment. At the same time, the effects of high concentrations of this substance require further analysis due to potential effects on granulosa cell viability.

What is the conclusion? Resveratrol in moderate amounts has a beneficial effect on fertility. It’s worth including products containing it in the daily diet and thinking about possible supplementation.

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