Onco-cious: a series of articles on how to fight cancer

In cooperation with the Polish League Against Cancer Foundation we have prepared a series of educational articles “Onco-cious”. We want to support you – so that you can make everyday decisions more consciously, so that – due to prevention – you can take better care of yourself and your loved ones, so that in case of illness you know what your options are.

Cancer is certainly one of the most important health risk factors today. The word “cancer” itself sounds like a sentence, raises fears, causes anxiety. At the same time there is a number of ways to prevent the disease, and in case of its occurrence – to treat it effectively and take care of the quality of life.

As part of the cycle in the application we will publish materials on:

– Prevention of cancer

– Influence of various factors on the risk of disease’.

– Healthy habits that help prevent cancer and support you during treatment

– Protecting fertility in cancer patients

– Good practices during and after cancer treatment

We invite you to read more. If you have ideas for topics or questions – please write to us: contact@iyoni.app.

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