“Eat cereal – you’ll have a boy”

Couples planning a pregnancy often wonder how to increase the chances of conceiving a boy or a girl. Many myths have grown up around this topic. Unfortunately – there is still no scientific evidence that any home treatments can influence the sex of the baby. However, if you want to try, it is worth looking into the research of British scientists. Some time ago, they concluded that eating breakfast cereals before trying to get pregnant can increase the likelihood of having a son.

The study was conducted on 740 women who agreed to report their eating habits in detail before and during pregnancy. Participants who reported a high caloric intake and ate breakfast regularly before they started trying were more likely to conceive sons. At the same time, breakfast cereal was identified by the researchers as the food with the greatest impact on gender.

When the researchers divided the participants into high, medium and low energy intake groups, they found that 56% of women in the high energy intake group gave birth to boys, compared to 45% in the lowest intake group. Cereal consumption had a greater impact. Of the women who consumed cereal daily, 59% had boys, compared to only 43% who gave birth to boys in the group consuming less than one bowl per week.

The analyses also showed that conceiving a boy was more likely if the diet was high in sodium, potassium and calcium. The team’s findings are reported in animal models. In species such as horses and cows, males are statistically more likely to be born if their mothers are well nourished. The findings may make evolutionary sense – boys are typically 100 grams heavier than girls, so mechanisms may have evolved to favor male sperm when resources are abundant.

We recommend common sense and looking at the reports with a distance 😊 Meanwhile – doctors are working on sperm selection methods that could prove very promising in the future 😉 we’ll definitely keep you posted on their achievements!

We would also like to remind you that a balanced diet is the basis for preparing for pregnancy, whether you dream of a daughter or a son. Also remember to take folic acid supplements. It helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the baby.

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